FaZe COD Back?

So I made a blog post talking about how FaZe COD was dead or old but yesterday they made a MW2 video of search and destroy 6v6 against sidemen. Could this mean FaZe COD is back? Because of this in this blog post, talk about my thoughts and on Monday next week, I will attempt to commentate on it. FaZe and The Sidemen were never really rivals like FaZe and Optic Gaming were. When I saw this I was surprised. Here is the roster for the 6v6.


Roster FaZe

  1. FaZe Adapt
  2. FaZe Apex
  3. Faze Rain
  4. FaZe Banks
  5. FaZe Teeqo
  6. FaZe Kay


Roster Sidemen

  1. Behzinga
  2. Wroetoshaw
  3. KSI
  4. Zerkaa
  5. Miniminter
  6. Tbjzl
  7. Vikkstar123



Those are all the players that played. Next week I will try to commentate about what happened.  See you next week.


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