Modern Warfare Remastered

Modern warfare is back. It came out for free for PS plus members and now people are playing it. If you play watch out for campers. The best loadout to use is the demolition. The demolition comes with a shotgun with a rpg and a pistol. I use this loadout all the time. even though I have the custom I still use it.

Call of duty mobile

So there is news that there is a call of duty mobile. Nobody really knew about this. It came out in 2003 and its 2019 and I just figured out about it. The game is called Call of Duty: Legends Of War. It is like a campaign game for cod that you can play on the go. It probably is like fortnite mobile but not online. I have not downloaded this game but I might download and tell you guys what I think of it.

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How Bo4 could be better

Many people are saying Bo4 is one of the worst cod games ever. I don’t think this but I think it could be better. They could update the game and the battle royale mode more often. The guns in the game can be better and add super jump. They can make more modes like campaign. Here is a idea that I have for them. They should add a mode called practice mode. In this mode you could have cpus fight you so you could practice.

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Where is Campaign

I am wondering why Campaign isn’t in Black ops 4. They decided instead of campaign just to add in Blackout instead of Campaign. I don’t really like this but its ok. When the game came out I was gonna play campaign until I figured out there wasn’t a Campaign. So all I could play was Blackout which was the only Mode I could play when the other modes were loading.

Apex Legends

Ok so the new fortnite Apex Legends to me is a Blackout copy. Its this to me because of how you pick p the weapons. The thing you jump out of. And the style of the game. When I played the game I thought about Blackout. This game is already about to be the Number 1 game and its only been out for like a week.