How Its working

So I have been playing BO4 Custom Games Zombies Mode and here is what I think about it. I know I am late to this but here it is. To do it you have to be in the lobby and select custom. When you do this you can add some things to it here are somethings you can add.

Crawlers only

5,000 points


There are way more but here are some for an example. When your in the game anything you added will be in the game. Say you put on 5,000 points you will spawn with 5,000 points.


How WW2 is doing

I know that I usually do Bo4 update but today I will do How WW2 is going. After the release of Bo4 WW2 has become dead. No one has played it and the developers haven’t even taken out the Halloween update. I am surprised about this because they are still updating BO3 but not WW2. Some people still play it but not really anymore.

There is another Update

This update to BO4 includes Double-XP for multiplayer and 2X for Weapon XP starts on Monday, as well as a Nuketown Featured Playlist. Something else they have are

A few gameplay tweaks are on the way for Blackout. The armor is being tuned, as well as the concussion and cluster grenades.

There will be reduced damage protection for armor, and Level 3 armor won’t include extra damage protection against explosives and melee attacks. The update will increase armor rate requirements to Level 3.

New zombies updates

This is not actually an update for the Zombies mode but there’s mostly zombies updates. The update comes with

  • Mastery Camos: Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter camos are coming to Zombies with their own unique Challenges to complete in the Armory. These camos represent the highest level of achievement in Zombies weapon mastery, so get out there and show off your skills.
  • Classic Weapons and Loot Weapons: The MP 40, Grav, Daemon 3XB, and SWAT RFT are coming to Zombies!
  • Mastercrafts, Reactive Camos, and Black Market Camos: Get ready for far more variety in Zombies… we’re adding the ability to equip Mastercrafts, Reactive Camos, and Weapon Camos acquired in the Black Market.
  • New Perk: Our first new Perk is coming to Black Ops 4 Zombies in the near future! Look for more details as we get closer to this update later this month.
  • New Gauntlet: Today’s Gauntlet in Voyage of Despair is just the first of many to come. Keep an eye out for our second Gauntlet later this month. All of these are what the update has in it.                                                                                                             Most of theseare for zombies. I haven’t played the new update but yea.

Call of Duty Operation Absolute Zero

I know I’m late about this update but yea here it is. Today I will be talking about BO4 Operation Absolute Zero. This update had a new specialist which comes with an EMP Disruptor grenade and Ice Pick hacking tool which is surprising and new. Blackout and zombies also has some new updates. It has things like Hijacked, the new ARAV armored vehicle, as well as new IX Zombies character missions. New loot even hit the Black Market like 100 new tiers of items that include epic outfits, weapon camps, Blackout characters, multiplayer weapons, and more. Blackout has also gotten the addition of Custom games. On PlayStation 4, all Specialist characters in Blackout are available to play without completing their corresponding missions.

Freezing glitch

There is a glitch that is stopping people from moving in BO4. I don’t know how to do this glitch but its stopping people from being able to move. Right now we don’t know if the glitch will be patched or not. Hopefully it will be patched because that is cheating people from getting kills and the people using it to get kills.